Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Georgetown Woman Indicted for Drug Trafficking

Georgetown resident, Becky Lynn Hasley, has been Indicted on two counts; Trafficking in controlled substance, second degree (KRS 218.218A.1413(1A) and Persistent felony offender, second degree (KRS 532.080(2). Both are Class D felonies with serious penalties.

The defendant was arrested on November 5th by Georgetown Police on a Scott County Circuit Court Warrant.

The Scott County Indictment details that on the 14th of May, 2012 the defendant sold only two Hydrocodone pills to a confidential informant. And, it also states that because of a prior felony conviction the Persistent felony offender enhancement has been added.

The defendant was released November 9th from the Scott County Detention Center on a blanket bond of 10% of $10,000 - according to jail officials.