Friday, November 16, 2012

Man Arrested for Glass Shooting Rampage Also had 9mm Handgun

The man accused, 22-year-old John Keith Burns, of shooting up numerous businesses and vehicles supposedly with a BB gun Wednesday night throughout the Georgetown area was also carrying a 9mm handgun according to a Georgetown Police Uniform Citation.

The defendant was arrested by Georgetown Police on Cumberland Drive inside The Colony Subdivision at 10:55 p.m. The police responded to a "shots fired" call and rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, the defendant and an accomplice (who we chose not to name because no charges have been filed) ran inside a home but were apprehended by police based on help from witnesses.

The defendant admitted to police that he was the one responsible for shooting at the van on Cumberland Drive, and then also admitted -- post Miranda -- to many other incidents that same night including Save-A-Lot, My Church, and Advanced Auto Parts.

What's most disturbing, is the defendant admitted to shooting into a moving vehicle with two passengers.

This Blog spoke with the manager of Advanced Auto Parts, Mr. Darnett, who said "he was just glad there weren't any kids around" and that "the store was open at the time with two employees present".

The defendant was already wanted according to a Uniform Citation and Bench Warrant dated April 30th, 2012. The warrant was for Failure to appear, citation for misdemeanor. The original charge was Operating on suspended or revoked operators license.

John Keith Burns appeared in court yesterday, November 15th, but was refused a reduction in bond. The Judge deemed him a flight risk and a danger to self or others.

He's currently being held at the Scott County Detention Center on $11,200 full cash bond and has a hearing scheduled for November 20th.

This Blog also spoke with an employee in the firearms department at Sportsman's Warehouse in Lexington. In his professional opinion, the supposed BB Gun used in the shootings must have been one of the newer types that have a velocity of 1250 ft. per second (comparable to a .22 caliber). These are models made by companies like GAMO and Benjamin. Otherwise, in his opinion, they would not have been able to penetrate the glass as easily as they did.