Saturday, November 17, 2012

Teen Arrested for DUI had .253 Blood Alcohol Content

Georgetown resident, 18-year-old Amber Denise Lloyd, was arrested on November 10th for a total of seven charges (three of them felonies) involving a DUI incident inside the Georgetown Oaks Apartments.

The charges are outlined in a Two-page Warrant of Arrest dated October 29th. The defendant also had a separate Bench Warrant for Failure to appear, adult intoxication.

According to the warrant, witnesses say on October 19th the defendant collided with air conditioning units and one of the buildings of Georgetown Oaks Apartments. Then, at a high rate of speed, struck another vehicle and caused damage to two others.

Lloyd then left her vehicle, the scene of the accident, and moved to another location on the property. Witnesses showed police of her whereabouts and she was arrested. Within two hours her blood alcohol level was tested at .253.

According to The University of Oklahoma, a blood alcohol level that high is described as such:
0.25 BAC: All mental, physical and sensory functions are severely impaired. Increased risk of asphyxiation from choking on vomit and of seriously injuring yourself by falls or other accidents.
0.30 BAC: STUPOR. You have little comprehension of where you are. You may pass out suddenly and be difficult to awaken.
In all, the defendant faces charges of DUI, Leaving the scene of an accident, No operators license, Three counts of Criminal Mischief - 1st degree, Failure to maintain required insurance.