Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Man Arrested for Evading Police, DUI, 18 Other Charges

Scott County Detention Center records list 27-year-old Kyle Lee Perry with 20 charges pending against him (two being warrants from other jurisdictions).

The story of Mr. Perry's arrest starts at around 2:00 a.m. on December 3rd.

According to three separate Georgetown Police Uniform Citations; The suspect was pulled over while driving because of a rear license plate that was not illuminated and a NCIC check of the tag that said it was expired as of Nov. 2010.

Once the officer turned on his lights to attempt a traffic stop the suspect then fled and evaded police until he crashed the vehicle into a yard that police say caused significant damage to the property. The suspect then took off on foot until he was eventually apprehended and placed under arrest.

The defendant is being held with no bond and is scheduled to be in court today.

The list of charges are as follows:

DUI, Possession of open container, License to be in possession, Rear license not illuminated, Criminal mischief (third degree), Fleeing and evading (1st degree), Fleeing or evading police (second degree), Violation of Kentucky EPO/DVO, No or expired registration plates, Display of illegal or altered registration, Disregarding a stop sign, Fail of non-owner to maintain required insurance, Wanton Endangerment (1st degree), Wanton Endangerment of police (1st degree), Leaving the scene of an accident, Failure to notify owner of damage, (2) Failure to appear (citation for misdemeanor), (2) Serving warrant (other agency).