Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Woman Arrested for DUI, Drug Possession

Georgetown Police received a complaint of a reckless driver on November 27th in the area of Cherry Blossom and Paris Pike. A uniformed officer responded and identified the vehicle.

According to the Officer's report the vehicle swerved towards the median, then over corrected back into the right lane, and almost struck another vehicle. After making a a traffic stop on the driver the officer states that the suspect, 30-year-old Allison Danielle Gregory, had slurred speech and trouble retrieving her operators license.

The officer then observed a pill bottle in the suspect's purse and she stated that she had no prescription for it and was not prescribed any medication. The suspect failed the Standard Field Sobriety Test and was placed in custody.

The defendant was released on $5,000 bond but faces charges of DUI, Reckless driving, Possession of controlled substance (2nd degree), and Illegal possession of legend drug.