Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dairy Queen Robbery Teens in Court Today

Elkhorn Creek

Both co-defendants that allegedly conspired to stage a robbery at Dairy Queen in Georgetown had their first court appearance in front of a judge today. The two had been held at the Scott County Detention Center on $50,000 full cash bond awaiting this hearing. This blog was present in court for the proceedings.

Just for some background, the Dairy Queen in Georgetown was robbed on January 6th - that was the original story. As it turns out - according to Georgetown Police - two male teens staged the incident, collaborated together, and stole cash in the amount of $3,431. One was an employee and the other a friend - classmates in high school it seems - of the co-defendant. Full story from LEX-18.

First up on the docket today was 19-year-old Chase Lane who was represented by a private attorney (he allegedly played the roll as the victim according to police reports). The defendant's attorney made a strong case to the judge that because his client had no prior criminal record his bond should be reduced. However, Judge Mary Jane Phelps refused the bond reduction and instead offered the defendant a $50,000 unsecured bond to his mother. In other words, the family did not have to pay any money up front but if Chase did not show for court the mother would owe the entire amount - $50,000 - to the court. Conditions of the bond were house arrest, must be at either school or home at all times, and always be within arms reach of his mother or a responsible adult.

Second on the docket was co-defendant 18-year-old Devin Edwards who was appointed a Public Defender. The defendant was given the exact same bond conditions as his co-defendant and his mother was available to accept the conditions in court. The Commonwealth Attorney also stated to the Judge that most of the money from the robbery had been recovered.

Judge Phelps gave a strong warning to a group of students - possibly ten or twelve - that had gathered in the back of the courtroom and said she didn't want to see them again and would be calling their principal. Both defendants are seniors at a local Georgetown High School.