Thursday, February 7, 2013

Woman Caught Shoplifting with 2-year-old Daughter

Jacqueline Marie Lagutap
Jacqueline Marie Lagutap, of the 4000 block of Georgetown Rd. in Lexington, was arrested  on charges of Wanton endangerment - first degree, and Theft by unlawful taking/shoplifting by Georgetown Police.

The incident started as she was observed by Walmart loss prevention pushing a cart (with her daughter seated in the front) and not paying for Walmart merchandise as she exited..

What happens next, according to police, is what turned into a bizarre chase with daughter in hand from loss prevention and then the GPD.

The suspect was stopped by a loss prevention officer and asked to return back to the store, but Ms Lagutap and company was having none of that. You see, she had an unnamed male accomplice who grabbed her daughter out of the cart and began running through the parking lot with loss prevention giving chase. At this time Walmart officials called 911.

Ms. Lagutap then "calmly" put aside the cart and proceeded to walk around the back of the building, met up with her accomplice in a vehicle, who then gave the baby back to her. She then took off running again but was stopped by officers. When she was asked if she knew the male accomplice, she responded by saying she didn't know him.

Lagutap is being held at SCDC, as of Tuesday the 4th, on $5,000 bond.