Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Convicted Sex Offender, Persistent Felon Back in Jail

Scott County Library
Scott County Detention Center records show that 48-year-old Rickey L. Carpenter was processed into custody on March 15th. The charge being Violation of probation for felony offense.

Mr. Carpenter was originally indicted back in February of 2011 for Failure to comply with Sex offender registration and Persistent felony offender.

On June 1st of 2012 the defendant entered a plea of guilty to the above charges and was placed back on probation for five years (according to Scott Circuit Court documents). A maximum prison sentence of eight years was probated within the terms outlined by the judge.

The new violation, primarily, was due to an alleged threat that Carpenter made to a woman out of state. The victim stated, and provided proof, that he threatened to kill her if she ever returned to Kentucky. An email was provided to law enforcement with a picture of Mr. Carpenter holding a black pistol and showing his middle finger with his left hand.

This incident prompted Probation and Parole, accompanied by police, to conduct a search of Carpenter's residence. At first there was some minor difficulty conducting the search until the defendant was located and a search of his home was conducted.

Ricky L Carpenter
The other violations - according to a Violation of Supervision Report - were Possession of ammunition (.40 caliber ammo), Possession of controlled substance (marijuana), Possession of alcohol, Possession of firearm (pellet gun used in the threatening email photo), Prescription narcotics in improper container (two Klonopin in an aspirin bottle). Carpenter also admitted to these violation and stated that he knew he was messed up.

This all transpired in Clark County on Sewell Shop Road in Winchester. The defendant was subsequently detained at the Mount Sterling Jail and then later transported to Scott County. 

No record of the original charges were available at this time and the defendant is being held at the Scott Jail on $15,000 full cash bond.