Tuesday, April 9, 2013

21-year-old Charged with Felony for Stolen Check

Shelby Rose Woolner will be in Court this afternoon to face a charge of Criminal possession of forged instrument in the second degree, a Class D felony.

According to Georgetown Police Ms. Woolner allegedly took a check belonging to a family member, forged it in the amount of $60.00, and tried to cash it at Whitaker Bank on Financial Way.

Police documents say the victim had alerted law enforcement after receiving a call from banking representatives and an officer was dispatched to the bank's location. Upon arrival the officer confiscated the ID of the defendant and the check in question.

The defendant was arrested a few hours later and admitted, post Miranda, that she stole and forged the check in an attempt to "get money for drugs".

Official documents say that Ms. Woolner has been held at the Scott Detention Center since April 5th on $5,000 full cash bond per Judge Dickson.